Friday, April 4, 2014

Selvage Easter Eggs

Once the idea popped into my head, I knew it had to be done.
Had to.
 I think they turned out pretty cool.  I'd be happy if the Easter Bunny showed up with these for me.
 Close up.
 I used real eggs to make them. 
Selvages were applied with watered down glue and a paint brush.  
My daughter Tess (6) made these patchwork eggs while I made my selvage eggs.
Selvages also make nice "grass" for a basket. 
Have a great weekend!  And hopefully no one missed the part on the bottom of my last post where I said that the crazy Halloween/Easter quilt was just an April Fool's joke.  Believe me, I will not really be making that weird thing.
Posted by Riel Nason


Celia Ambrose said...

What a cute Easter idea! Love it! Thanks for sharing it.

Nezumi said...
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Nezumi said...

That's an excellent idea for decorating eggs :)

Annie Labruyère said...

Great idea! I love your eggs.

Plum Cox said...

They look brilliant! love them!

~Carla~ said...

Love 'em!! Sooo cute!! I have 2 HUGE bags of selvages I need to get creative with, love these!! :)

Susan Barker said...

What a fun idea! I have no one to hide eggs for but perhaps a couple just for me, would do nicely, especially if they are chocolate inside!

Regina said...

What a cute idea, and here I was all smug because I had managed to fob off my selvedge stash to a friend. Well, she'll have to make me some eggs!

Charo said...

They are so cute, great idea!