Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Snow Day

 So a big snow storm is swirling around up here today ... just getting started really.  Apparently there is plenty more coming later ... kids are home on a snow day.  Husband is even home as the university where he works closed for the day ...
My daughter Tess who is 6 made this for snow day fun.  It is a quilt of course.  The little toy is called a "Magnetic Quilt"  The HSTs are magnets.  There are tons of them in the box to do any design you want, over and over again.  I bought it at a yard sale a couple of years ago.
So stay warm everyone.  Here's hoping we don't lose power here!
Posted by Riel Nason


felicity said...

Oh those last winter blasts of March are so cruel! Stay warm!

roccagal said...

as a fellow Canadian I have been following the storm and praying that you all make it through safely! e safe and warm!