Saturday, September 18, 2010

KVQG Quilt Show Virtual Tour: Part 1 of 5

Welcome to my virtual tour of the Kennebecasis Valley Quilt Guild Quilt Show. The show was held in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada. Today I thought I'd show the other 2 quilts I entered (in addition to the 2010 Selvage Sampler). I also wanted to show a few of the prize winners. This was a really nice show and I've got lots of pics of all kinds of quilts to post over the next several days.
Above is my quilt called Royal-T: Tess's Princess Castle Quilt. I made it for my daughter's third birthday. It is free-pieced without a pattern and is my own design. It was machine quilted by Tina Hanson of Town and Country Quilts in Rothesay, NB.
This is my quilt called Vitali-T. It was also made for my daughter Tess. As you can see it is a very subtle, muted quilt ;-) It is my own design, free-pieced without a pattern. It was also quilted by Tina Hanson.
One of the categories in the show was Group Quilt Machine Quilted. If more than one person worked on the entered quilt, then this is the category it was placed in -- for example, if you sent your quilt out to be long-arm quilted by someone else. This is the category that my three quilts were entered in. The first place winner is shown above. It is called Monterrey Medallion and is by Pat Beshara from Quispamsis, NB. Her quilter's statement said the quilt was a gift for her husband's birthday. There are certainly some nice masculine colours in this quilt. Quilts definitely make the best gifts!

Second place in the Group Quilt Machine Quilted went to Darlene Pierce of Quispamsis, NB for her Star Medallion.
Third place was awarded to this House Sampler. It was made by Joan A. Smith of Salisbury, NB.

The quilt above was titled Double Irish Chain with Stars. It was awarded Best Hand Quilting. It was made by Eileen Warren of Riverview, NB.

The next category I thought I'd show was the Large Traditional Quilts. In order to enter in this category, you had to both piece and quilt your quilt. The first place winner in this category was also awarded Best in Show, so just to keep the suspense up, I'll show a picture of that another day ;-) (It was super!) Anyway, second place in the Large Traditional Category is shown above. It is Star Bouquet by Eileen Warren of Riverview, NB.

The quilt above was awarded third place in the Large Traditional. It is also by Eileen Warren (she did really well at the show!) It is called Broken Star.
Congratulations to the winners!
So that's it for now. Thanks for letting me guide you around the show. Meet me in the virtual lobby again later and we'll pick up where we left off. Happy Quilting!


Dresden Quilter said...

Your quilts are amazing and so are the others! You are very talented.

Shelley said...

I so appreciate that you are posting some of the quilts Riel. My back was acting up and I just knew I couldn't spend 5 hours in a car today :( Can't wait to see the show tomorrow!

Chris said...

What beautiful quilts! Thanks so much for sharing them. :)

Rosa Robichaud said...

Riel.... I forgot to take pictures of YOUR quilts!!!!!

Love your choice of colours, too!

I've linked your blog to MY recent blog, BTW.... *grin*


Riel said...

Thanks so much everyone!

Mary said...

Your quilts look great! I'm surprised you didn't enter your lighthouse quilt. What beautiful quilts...all of them.