Friday, February 20, 2015

Turquoise Random Rail Fence Quilt Top Done

 After the yellow version of this quilt (previous post) was done, I knew I had to sew this one together next.
 It also has a focal square to add a little flair.  The blocks are all 12" finished.  The quilt is 60" by 72".
 There are two fabrics in this quilt that don't photograph well -- the ones that look dark.  One has orange dots on it and one has little life preservers on it.  They look great in the quilt "in person" but I find they look weird in the pics.  Oh well.
A tutorial to make the blocks like these is under the tutorials tab.
 So I'm off for vacation for a bit and then it's the kids' March Break.  But when I'm back blogging in early March, I'll have fun little giveaway!  See you then.
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Monday, February 16, 2015

Winter Sunshine! Yellow Random Rail Fence Patchwork Quilt Top

 Not a lot to say other than it's done and I'm really happy with it.  Hopefully the cheerful, bright yellows will show nicely on the computer.  It looks great "in person" and all the different yellows work well together. 
 I added a focal square this time.  I also added a single unique square when I made a Halloween version of a quilt like this and I think it really adds to it.
 The blocks finish at 12".  The quilt is 60" by 72" which is a perfect size for the couch.
If you'd like to try making blocks like these, there is a tutorial under the tutorials tab on the blog.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Sew" Easy Sewn Valentine's Day Cards for School

This is what my 7yo daughter Tess and I worked on last night.  These are her Valentines to give to her classmates at school.  They were easy and fun to make.  I made an example one to show her and I cut out the hearts.  She cut the other fabric, designed, glued, sewed and wrote on them herself.  (And I sewed a few after a while too -- to speed things up :-) ...)
 She made a nice variety of designs.
 She still has to finish some sewing today after school.
This is the example one I made.  Tess wanted that decorative stitch as it is the fanciest stitch her sewing machine has.  I wouldn't have chosen it myself, but after I was kind of thinking it reminded me of a heart monitor line ... kind of appropriate ...
 The supplies were: index cards, glue stick, scissors,fabric scraps, sewing machine, thread and pen.
 Our basic design is just a background fabric strip with 2 or 3 hearts glued on top. 
 These cards have either 2 or 3 sewn lines on each one.  She used pink thread as that is what is always in her sewing machine.  She used her own Hello Kitty Janome sewing machine to sew them.  SEW Easy!  She is very proud of them!
And while we were working on them last night, I made this one as a joke for my husband.  :-) 
Happy Valentine's Day quilty friends.  I'm linking up with SCRAPTASTIC TUESDAY!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Yellow !!! Some Patchwork Sunshine for a Winter's Day

 Yellow this time.  These are all fabrics I had in my stash.  This is pretty much a little bit of every yellow I had.  I like the mix a lot.
These are Random Rail fence blocks again.  The tutorial to make them is under my tutorials tab if you'd like to try too.  When I first thought up how to make these blocks, I never realised how many quilts I'd make with them -- or how many different variations could be done ... (hint, hint, watch for other colours in the future ...)
 I have 5 squares done and need 30 in total.
 More strips ready to go.
Oh yeah, and it's SNOWY here.  :-)
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Turquoise Random Railfence Blocks Done

 So, the 30 blocks I need are done.  Here they are on the "design wall" (less elegantly known as piece-of-batting-thumbtacked-to-the-wall).  The blocks aren't ironed or arranged.  That is for another day.
I like them though.  A lot.  There is one fabric that doesn't photograph well as I mentioned last time (the darker-looking one) but it looks nice "in person."
And if anyone could use a little pick-me-up by thinking "Wow -- glad I don't live there!" ;-), here is the view out my window yesterday.  School was cancelled the last two days due to a blizzard.  Ahhhhhhh, winter. 
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I'm linking up with Fabric Tuesday! (I know it's Thursday already, but oh well)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Valentine's Day Inspiration Edition

 Something different for today:  A #ThrowbackThursday.  I looked back through some of my quilting photos to find these ones that might provide a bit of Valentine's Day quilting inspiration.  (I do make things for holidays other than Halloween -- this is proof!)  Anyway, it's just a whole bunch of pictures.  All these creations are my original designs.  Hope you enjoy.

 (This never got used.  The "V" looks awful.  The two hearts were used in other projects.)

 This is one of my very earliest quilts.  The "T" is for my daughter Tess.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Turquoise Random Railfence Progress

 So I made more blocks.  I'm up to 17 now.  I haven't had much free quilting time, but these go together quite quickly. I think I will make 30 blocks total to make a lap quilt about 60 by 70. 
 I find that there is one fabric in the pictures -- one with little life preservers on it -- that doesn't look that good.  It looks like it is too dark.  It's just in the photos though as I find it all looks really nice "in person"
 I looked though my stash/scraps and found some more turquoise fabrics to mix in.  There might be 14 or 15 different fabrics in total.
 Nothing is arranged at all yet.  I just stick the blocks up on the "design wall" (aka a piece of batting thumbtacked to the wall) as I make them.
And look what else happened.  I sliced up a bunch of pink fabrics to make a pink version of this.  There may even end up being a whole series of these quilts in different colours! 
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Random Railfence by Colour: Turquoise

 So I'm back to making more of my Random Railfence blocks.  When I first came up with how to do these I didn't realise how often I'd end up making blocks like these -- nor how may different twists and possibilities there are.  (Tutorial is on the tutorial page if you're interested.)  It really is a fast and fun method to use for 12.5" blocks.
 This time I thought I'd try using a single colour of strips to make the blocks.  I love turquoise and had enough variety to give it a try.  I've made six blocks so far. 
 And I was thinking that I'd move on to a new colour next, but after I saw how these turned out I had another dig through my scraps and stash and came up with more turquoise/aqua fabrics to use.  I may make a whole quilt just this colour if I have enough -- we'll see.
Here are more strips that I've been chain piecing ready to go.  Have you made a Random Railfence quilt? If so, I'd love to see it.  And since this is a scrappy project, I thought I'd link up over at Scraptastic Tuesday!
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