Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Halloween Curtain and Upcoming Trunk Show

 I made this curtain today.  It is about the fastest easiest Halloween deco item you can make.
 Do you have a yard of a cute Halloween fabric lying around?  Making a curtain is a way to add a lot of seasonal punch to a room -- with a minimum of effort.  Plus, once you make it you can pull it out year after year.  I have several other curtains I've made for other windows in years past that I'll dig out soon.
 I put a bottom border on mine to dress it up a smidge.  The main fabric is called Gwendolyn Goodwitch by Alexander Henry. 
In other news, I wanted to mention my upcoming Trunk Show at the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in Amherst, Nova Scotia.  It is on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at 1:00 pm.  It is at Trinity St. Stephen's United Church Burgess Hall, 1 Ratchford Street (right behind the Dayle's Department Store).  I will have a PILE of quilts with me -- including lots and lots of my Halloween ones since the timing is perfect!  There are no advance ticket sales -- just at the door.  I am told it is a nice hall with plenty of room, so hopefully I won't be standing there all by myself.  Admission is $12.00.  I will also have an assortment of fat quarters for sale for a toonie each.  I would love to see you! There are many other events going on for the Fibre Arts Festival and Saturday is a great day to be there.  For details on my trunk show as well as the festival in general, click here.
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Halloween Quilt in Progress

 So, as anyone who has hung out with me here on the blog for a while knows, I make at least one (and usually more) Halloween quilts a year.  It is my favourite holiday by far.  This year I was going to just stick with the little Halloween hexy selvage tree (shown a few posts back), but then I thought I should make this big quilt too. 
 The fabric that started this colour grouping (which I love) is the one with the pink flowers with orange leaves on the black background.  I bought it years ago when it was on a clearance rack.  I thought the flowers looked like what would be in a Halloween garden even though it wasn't made as a Halloween fabric.   So that was my starting point and then I dug through all my stash and scraps to come up with everything else here.  None of the fabrics are from the same line but I think they all work so well together. 
 It has subtle Halloween touches -- probably half the fabrics are Halloween ones and half aren't. 
 The strips are cut at 2.5" wide.  I cut them random lengths.  The quilt should finish at about 68" by 84"
I'm pretty pleased with this -- hopefully it should be all sewn together soon. 
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Highland Hoots Owl and Zippered Pouches

So it's not all quilts all the time around here -- check this guy out.  His name in Highland Hoots.  I just kind of "winged" him (hilarious pun, I know) without a pattern. 
I also made two matching bags.  My daughter is a Highland Dancer so that is why they have a Highland theme.
 I love how cheerful all the pieces look.  I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
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Monday, September 21, 2015

Halloween Selvage Hexy Tree in Progress

 This is a design idea I've had for a long time that I finally decided to make.  It is a fall tree with hexy leaves.  It combines many of my favourite things -- selvages, hexagons and Halloween!
It is about 20 inches by 40 inches -- a wall hanging.  For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that I got as far as the selvage tree done this summer.  Then last night I glued all the hexies in place.  They still have to be topstitched down.
 The hexies are all fussy cut.
 I used both 3/4" and 1" hexagons.
 I actually had a lot more hexies made that I could have used, but I really didn't want to make things look too crowded.
I am not sure how to quilt this at all.  I'd really like to just do the minimum on it as it already has lots going on.  We'll see what happens.
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Ghost of Quilts Past - Quilt Finish

 Hey, I finished a quilt! I've sewn a lot of tops lately, but it's been a while since I've quilted and bound one.  This was a WIP from last year.  I think that the last time I showed it on the blog I maybe had one or two borders on and was still deciding what to do ... obviously I went with the angled frames that you can see here.  I think they work to add a bit of Halloween flair.
 This guy is called "The Ghost of Quilts Past" as he is made with scraps.  The quilt is free-pieced and I remember back when I was making it that I had quite a bit of trouble getting the ghost to be just the shape I wanted. 
 I quilted it with an angled stipple mostly.  I put a zig-zag pattern in a couple of the borders.
 I really like the fabric that looks like a lace tablecloth on a dark background.  I bought yards and yards of that fabric because it was on clearance and I thought it was cool although I had no idea at the time what I'd do with it.  I think it really works here.
And I got a giggle out of this. This picture was in a pile of drawings my daughter made.  :-)
Happy Quilting.  Posted by Riel Nason

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

KVQG Quilt Show Coming Soon

I am a member of the KVQG.  Our annual show is coming up next week.  If you stop by the show and see me (I will be there a lot) be sure to grab me to say 'Hi.'  Below is the official show info from the guild ...

The Kennebacasis Valley Quilting Guild is proud to present their 35th Annual Show and Sale.
Our quilters take great pride in their work and are thrilled to be able to display their masterpieces. Many of the quilts and quilted items are for sale, so be prepared to fall in love and bring a special beauty home with you. We expect to have more than 250 quilts for this year’s show. 
The features of the show this year include a judged show, display and sale quilts, Members’ craft Boutique, Christmas Corner, Merchants' Market and quilting Demonstrations.
A Quilters' Walk raffle will be featured again this year with lots of fun baskets; proceeds from the sale of tickets will go to a charity in the area.
The theme of the Show is “35 years of Friendship”.    KVQG members this year took part in the “Friendship” Challenge where 2 members of the guild are to make a different project each; one representation traditional the other abstract.  These will be a featured display.
Island View Lions Club, 9 Market Street, Quispamsis, N.B.  E2E 4B1
Outside Saint John, on the Sussex side; Exit 141 off Highway 1 and off Millennium Drive beside the Ken-Val Co-Op; there will be numerous signs to help guide you.
Wednesday September 16: Awards opening Gala from7pm to 9 pm.
Thurs Sept 17: 12noon-8 pm
Fri Sept 18.....10 - 8 pm
Sat Sept 19....10 - 4 pm
Admission $5 day or 3 day pass $10
We look forward to seeing you at our 2015 Quilt Show.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Thank You!

Wow, thank you all for the amazing response to the news of my book coming out next year.  I am overwhelmed by all the messages, Facebook comments and shares -- and even pre-orders already! 
This was obviously something I worked on secretly for quite a while.  And there is still work to be done on it -- checking and double-checking everything.  There has been, and still will be, lots of quilt math making sure everything is exact.  I am excited for you to see everything inside the book when it's out next year.  I can't wait to share all my selvage-y (that's a word now, at least on this blog) knowledge I've learned.  And I can't wait to see other people make the designs in the book -- quilts, household decorator items, really cute fun stuff.
Anyhow, I'll be quiet about the book for a while now.  But I did notice that as well as being up for pre-order on Amazon, Canadian friends can pre-order on Chapters as well.  Sincerely, thanks again everyone!  Happy Quilting.
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Modern Selvage Quilting By Riel Nason -- My New BOOK Coming Soon(ish)!

Yay, I checked on Amazon this morning and there it was -- my new book up for pre-order!  I have wanted to share this news for a while, so here I go: I wrote a quilt book!  And designed all the quilts in it!  Bucket List: big CHECK!  Of course it is on selvage quilting.  It is published by the fab C&T Publishing.
Anyhow, I was totally surprised to see it on Amazon this morning, so I wanted to announce it, but I'll write up a proper blog post with more info about it next time.  In the meanwhile, here it is for pre-order (in case you so desire): http://www.amazon.com/Modern-Selvage-Quilting-Easy-Sew-Projects/dp/1617450839/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1440772217&sr=8-2&keywords=riel+nason
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I'm Back -- and I have Quilts, quilts, quilts!

 Hello!  I'm Riel -- remember me?  Quilter-type who likes seemingly electrically-charged colours, plays with scraps, sews hundreds of selvages together with a smile on her face (not guaranteed to be a true statement, moods vary)? Okay. 
Anyhow, the kids don't go back to school until September 8, but it has been a long time since I've blogged and I am piling up finishes here.  I thought I should get to posting something.  So here we go.  These colourful quilts are my completed series Modern Rainbow: Partially Planned Patchworks.  Each is made with my Random Railfence block and its many variations.  (A tutorial to make the block is under the tutorials tab at the top of the blog.) 
 These are all 8 quilts.  I showed some of these in progress here before as I was making them, but not all.  Four are 60 by 72 inches and 4 are 48 by 60 inches.  My favourites are the yellow and the Rainbow one.  They are on display at the Millennium Artspace in the Saint John Free Public Library for another two weeks. 
 So if you're wondering about the pictures -- the deal is this.  No drone was used.  I took them from an upstairs window. I was three stories up because that side of the house is built into a partial slope.  It was the night before they had to be dropped off for display.  I had just finished the last binding.  It was about infinity plus 5 degrees outside.  My neighbour had about 25 people on her back deck for a party.  BUT I WANTED A PIC OF ALL THE QUILTS TOGETHER.
 So I was the evening party entertainment, leaning (safely Mom, don't worry) out the window taking pics.  Then running outside and straightening quilts, then zooming upstairs again.  Sweating like crazy.
 But I think it was worth it.
 Here I am in a different window to give you an idea of the silliness I was engaged in.
Hope everyone is having a great summer.  It's by no means over.  We still have some family fun to squeeze in, but I am definitely ready to get started on my solo creative time once the kids are back at school!
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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Summer -- See You in September ...

It's that time of year again.  The kids are down to 10 days of school left before vacation!  I'm taking my annual summer blogging break.  But I'll still be posting now and then on Instagram (I'm @rielnason) or on the blog's Facebook page if you'd like to chat or see what I'm up to.  Hope you all have a fabulous summer!  See you in September.
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